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Little Mandala Books is dedicated to providing books that are accessible to all ages and promote mindfulness and self-awareness. We specialize in books that help children and adults alike develop their emotional intelligence, foster their creativity, and find inner peace.

Little Mandala Books was created to bring mindful stories and lessons to all ages. Our goal is to help people of all ages become aware of their inner selves and find ways to nurture their mindsets. Our stories are focused on life lessons, growth, and self-discovery for children and adults alike.

We believe that books have the power to open up new worlds of understanding and knowledge and are committed to creating stories that are accessible to everyone. We invite you to explore our page and discover the books that will help you on your journey to self-growth.

Author's note from "Little Mandala's Day":

This book intends to share scientific insights that have been proven to enhance lifespan, health span, and overall life satisfaction. Our aim is to make these valuable lifestyle habits accessible to people of all ages, so everyone can experience the benefits of improved physical and mental well-being. Little Mandala presents these topics in a user-friendly format that outlines the WHAT, the WHY, and the HOW of integrating these science-endorsed habits into our daily lives.


In Part One, we embark on a captivating journey through Little Mandala's day, observing the habits she incorporates into her daily routine. While this guide is suitable for readers of all ages, it is especially designed to resonate with younger audiences. Young children will delight in sharing Little Mandala's journey while learning valuable lessons of how to cultivate happiness, health, and fulfillment in their own lives.


Part Two delves deeper into each daily activity, providing a comprehensive understanding of the science behind them. We explore the compelling research from highly respected institutions and researchers that reveals WHY each habit is so beneficial. Furthermore, we offer simple, actionable instructions to conveniently integrate these habits into our daily routines.  They can be introduced one at a time or all at once, in whatever order fits best for each individual.


With this book, we hope to empower readers of all backgrounds to take charge of their well-being and embrace a healthier and happier way of living, supported by the latest scientific findings. By sharing these valuable insights, we aspire to make a positive impact on the lives of people worldwide, contributing to a community of individuals committed to better physical and mental health.

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